Competition Rules

1. Competitors must check in and enter the starting area 45 minutes before the start of the competition. Inspection items include: mandatory equipment inspection, bib number, timing chip, positioning equipment inspection, etc.;

2. The player’s bib number must be worn in a conspicuous place in front of the body and clearly visible at any time during the competition;

3. When players arrive at the station, they should actively cooperate with the timing referee to clock in. If a player arrives at the station or leaves the station after the closing time has passed, he will be deemed to have been closed and will not be allowed to continue the competition;

4. If a player loses his/her timing equipment during the competition, he should proactively inform the site timing referee when he arrives at the next station, and the competition can only continue after manually recording it;

5. Players should actively cooperate with the referee in the mandatory equipment inspection at the station. If they refuse the inspection or if the mandatory equipment is missing, they will be forcibly withdrawn from the competition;

6. If a player withdraws due to lack of physical strength, illness or injury, he or she must go to the nearest station to report to the referee for withdrawal processing. After withdrawing from the race, you should follow the staff’s instructions to evacuate the track, arrive at the designated location and take the shuttle bus back to the finish line;

7. If a player withdraws from the competition during the race without completing the withdrawal procedures, he/she should proactively notify the organizing committee in a timely manner after withdrawing from the competition. If no notification is given, the organizing committee has the right not to accept the player’s future registration for this event;

8. When a player contacts the staff and requests assistance, it is deemed that the player has transferred his decision-making power to participate in the competition to the organizing committee, and therefore agrees to accept any decision made by the organizing committee staff for the player;

9. All event-related staff and volunteers have the right to observe and judge the physical condition of the players. If it is judged that the player is not suitable to continue the competition, the player will be forced to withdraw from the game, and they will be assisted in evacuation in any way and will be provided with further first aid and treatment;

10. Players should follow the principle of fair competition during the competition. They must complete the competition independently, do not use horses, vehicles and other means of transportation, do not use oxygen, follow the prescribed route of the event, and do not take shortcuts, etc. If discovered by event staff, or if reported by other players and verified, the offending players will have their results cancelled;

11. Private transfer of participation qualifications or any other form of substitute running is strictly prohibited. All medical rescue, insurance claims and other related legal liabilities arising therefrom shall be borne by both parties who transfer the participation qualifications privately. Violators will have their competition results cancelled, and the organizing committee will not accept their registration for this event within three years

12. This event advocates the “Leave No Trace” environmental protection concept. The organizing committee will not provide disposable supplies at check-in points and rest stops. Players are asked to bring their own supplies and enjoy the hot food supplies. Runners are asked to put their trash in a sealed bag and keep it with them until they are disposed of in the trash can at the supply point. Do not throw away garbage randomly on the track. If it is discovered by event staff or reported by other players and verified, the offending players will have their results cancelled.

Rewards and Penalties

Here are the steps for reward:
  1. Finishing rewards: Finishers in each category will receive finishing medals and finishing souvenirs;
  2. Ranking rewards: The top five men and women in the FPT, LPT and KPT categories (gunshot results) will be awarded prizes to the winners;
  3. Bonus awards: The top five men and women in MPT (Crazy Panda Group) (gunshot results) will be awarded bonuses based on the following chart:
PlacePrize (Yuan)
First Place10000
Second Place6000
Third Place4000
Fourth Place2000
Fifth Place1000

Note: The organizer will withhold 20% personal income tax in accordance with relevant regulations when distributing bonuses.

Contestants who have the following circumstances will be disqualified:

  1. Failed to arrive at the registration site within the specified time to report and collect belongings;
  2. When registering, the physical examination proves that the applicant does not meet the competition conditions;
  3. During check-in and departure inspection, the mandatory equipment inspection does not meet the competition conditions;

If a contestant has the following circumstances, the competition results will be cancelled:

  1. During the competition, the mandatory equipment inspection was defective;
  2. During the competition, check-ins were not made in sequence at the stations, or there was no check-in record at a certain check-in station;
  3. Use oxygen during the competition;
  4. During the competition, ride horses, vehicles, or compete in other non-independent forms;
  5. During the competition, failure to advance according to the prescribed route of the event, and personal movement trajectory obviously deviated from the track trajectory;
  6. During the competition, littering on the track and failing to take away the garbage produced by oneself;

If the contestants have the following circumstances, their registration will not be accepted for three years:

  1. The race is closed, but you refuse to listen to dissuasion and still insist on continuing the race on the track;
  2. Transferring qualifications privately, running on the track without qualifications, and competing for others without qualifications;
  3. Serious behavior that disrespects the event, disrespects the staff and contestants, and disrespects local folk customs;

Event Security

  1. The organizing committee attaches great importance to the safety of the competition, but the greatest safety of the competition is that athletes are responsible for all their actions;
  2. The mandatory regulations set in the competition regulations are designed to ensure the safety of athletes. Please understand, respect and abide by them! These regulations include but are not limited to: registration review conditions for each group, mandatory registration time requirements, mandatory equipment requirements, site closing time settings, etc.;
  3. Competitors need to understand that due to the complexity of the event environment, the arrival of rescue personnel may sometimes exceed their expected time, so the race bag materials carried by the players sometimes play a vital role in ensuring their safety.

Event Insurance

  1. Organization liability insurance: The organizing committee has purchased civil liability insurance during the event and will be responsible for the economic losses caused by the organizing committee’s liability and related consequences to the event staff and participants.
  2. Personal accident insurance: According to regulations, all contestants must arrange their own accident insurance. Participants are free to choose to purchase this insurance from any agency, and the insurance terms should include payment of search and rescue expenses that may be incurred.

Retirement and Evacuation

  1. The organizing committee puts the safety of contestants as its top priority and has the right to decide what evacuation method to use.
  2. Unless there is a physical injury, participants are not allowed to withdraw from the competition in areas outside the site. Participants who decide to withdraw from the competition must inform the site manager of the decision, or notify the event command center by phone or other means of withdrawal decision.
  3. If the decision to withdraw is made between two stations, the contestant must go to the station closest to him and announce his withdrawal at that station.
  4. Due to the difficulty of reaching vehicles at some sites, contestants must understand that it will take time for the organizing committee to temporarily allocate rescue or withdrawal vehicles, which may greatly exceed the contestants’ expected time.
  5. The specific withdrawal method (subject to the announcement at the pre-match technical briefing).
  6. Track protection: warning settings for dangerous tracks, protective road rope settings, or protection of mountain rescue team members/cooperation;
  7. Emergency rescue: Equipped with mountain rescue teams, rescue vehicles, etc. to respond to emergencies and emergency rescue;
  8. Medical first aid: starting and ending points, service stations are equipped with medical/first aid volunteers, medical oxygen, medical equipment, and commonly used medical kits;
  9. Communication guarantee: All tracks are covered with wireless intercom signals to ensure smooth communication among staff/volunteers during event execution;
  10. Pre-match reminder: Share precautions and preparation strategies for high-altitude outdoor sports through the official website and WeChat official account;
  11. Weather warning: Pay attention to weather changes in a timely manner, take pre-planned measures, such as adjusting the track, and promptly notify athletes to respond.

Traveling, Bus, and Accommodations

1. The organizing committee will release the round-trip bus schedules from “Dujiangyan-Yingxiu-Shuimo” during the event, as well as accommodation recommendations and other related information.

2. The supporting accommodation for the event will be launched later, and you can go to the official website of the event to purchase it.

Other Statements

1. For matters not covered in the regulations of this competition, the organizing committee reserves the right of final interpretation

2. The organizing committee has the right to adjust the location of the track, rescue and supply stations at any time

3. In the event of adverse weather conditions (such as large amounts of rain and snow in high-altitude areas, high risk of storms…), the start time of the race may be delayed for several hours, but if the situation does not improve by the delayed start time, the race will be cancelled

4. The organizing committee has the right to terminate the competition or adjust the closing time based on safety reasons in the event of bad weather

5. The organizing committee is responsible for force majeure reasons, including but not limited to natural disasters (such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods, blizzards and other extreme weather), government actions (such as expropriation, expropriation, etc.), abnormal social events (such as strikes, parades, etc.) riots, etc.), epidemic infectious diseases and other reasons not caused by the organizing committee. If the cancellation is made before 30 days before the start of the competition, the organizing committee will refund the registration fee in full. If it is canceled within 30 days before the start of the competition, the registration fee will be deducted first. Expenses that have already occurred on the date of cancellation and are irrecoverable will be used to calculate the refundable fees; after the start of the event, no fees will be refunded no matter what the reason is for canceling the event

6. Participants and teams that are not sponsored by the official sponsor of the event can only have their personal sponsor’s logo appear on the clothing or equipment used during the competition. It is prohibited to use any other advertising and marketing equipment (flags, banners, etc.) at any place along the race (including the finish line). If violated, the organizing committee will impose penalties

7. Copyright of pictures and videos: The organizing committee owns the copyright of the event pictures and event videos containing the images of the contestants taken during the event. The organizing committee can exercise relevant rights in this regard. Only the organizing committee has the right to transfer these through certification or authorization. Image usage rights.

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